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What is the best way to shave your head?

  • Most use Gillette Mach 3 blades because they shave closer with few if any nicks. (We have also received glowing comments about the new Head Blade. You can read more about them at “headblade.com).
  • If you have sensitive skin and are subject to rashes, avoid shaving against the grain and shave in the direction that your hair grows (or used to grow).
  • Aftershave should be used to avoid rashes.
  • I’ve heard of some people waxing their head but they have had mixed results. (One man stated that they didn’t have to shave again for six months. I find that hard to believe. If you have tried this, please let us know about your experience.)
  • The absolute best way to shave your head is to ask your wife or girlfriend to do it. They love to do it and it feels good.
  • Use Aloe Vera lotion to keep that young healthy look and don’t forget your sun block if your going to be in sun. (See our Medical Alert page)
  • If you want to try Nair or Magic, you must be careful not leave it on any longer than recommended, otherwise it burns. The only other alternatives are painful or expensive.
  • Electrolyses eventually gets rid of your hair permanently but it is painful.
  • Laser treatments will permanently remove your hair, but it is expensive.
  • Waxing is painful and it only gives you a 1 to 3 weeks of the stubble free look.
  • You may want to try Hair Away, which is featured on our site, however, we have had no testimonies as to its effectiveness.

If you have a better way to keep your pate free of unwanted growth, please tell us about it and we will publish it here.


  1. Dave says:

    The shadow you’re seeing is the hair under your skin, it may be disguised by you’re head tanning but it won’t go away. Mach 3 is a good choice as it’s less likely to clog and is a lot cheaper than Fusion

  2. Josh Main says:

    I’ve just started shaving my head about a month ago. I think I finally found my perfect routine but I have very thick black hair and still have the shadow look no matter how close the shave. Will this somewhat disappear when my scalp tans a little more? I also use the Gillette fusion razor, is the mach 3 a better choice of razor?

  3. Darryl says:

    I can’t stand the head blade, I bought it myself and someone else bought me one, it looked cool but I don’t know how anyone uses those effectively. I use Mach 3, it does great even after the strip turns white.

  4. Tom McGuire says:

    I’ve shaved my head for a while, using various methods (braun electric, headblade, shick, gillette) was wondering how to get a closer shave in the areas that have thicker hair. When I shave, my head feels completely smooth, but where I have hair that will grow back, still looks dark compared to the top of my head which is naturally bald… any suggestions appreciated

  5. TONY KULL says:

    Hey Tim,

    Thank you for mentioning Gillette Fusion for shaving the head of your friend Jose. The part about the acne puzzles me. You started shaving again 4 months ago. Fill me in on why you stopped?

  6. Tim Gionofrio says:

    I started shaving my head again 4 months ago and to avoid acne I use proactiv body wash after I finish.

  7. Joel says:

    Someone mentioned a product to me called “Stop Grow” but I can’t find it anywhere, including online.

  8. Joel says:

    Does anyone know of a solution that can be applied after shaving your head to make the hair grow more slowly thus increasing the time between shaves?

  9. Joel says:

    I use a Braun electric self-cleaning razor. Clean and very fast, about 4-6 minutes for both face and head. Every use is like using a brand new razor. Only down side is that you have to shave every single day.

  10. TONY KULL says:

    These recent comments have been very good. Did any of you baldies happen to see the program on CNBC called How I Made my Millions? One of the products on there was Head Blade and how it came about. This was aired on Feb 17th and then on Feb24th. I have a way of extracting just that segment. It would be nice if this could be shown here. Remember permission has to be obtained.
    Question for Tim:What is zero guard?

    tony kull

  11. AB says:

    So what about the best electric shavers to use for both face and head? I love shaving my head, and it is so much easier but would like the ease and speed of electric.

  12. Tim Gionofrio says:

    My friend Jose shaved my head bald in October 2010 when we were going to the Giants-Bears game. (This was my second time). He shaved mine with the clippers first on 0 guard and then he used shaving gel and the gilette blade then put mineral oil on my head, worked like a charm; no burns, cuts or bumps and I was bald like Michael Jordan for a month. ANd then I did his. So the gilette fusion in my opinion is number 1.

  13. Slick Rick Jones says:

    Clean shaven since 2007. Best shave product is Billy Jealousy Hydroglyde. It’s very expensive, but it’s the smoothest, closest, most comfortable shave ever. My wife uses it to go slick bald “down there” and we both love the results! I still think the Head Blade with Sensor Excel blades is the best way to go…for your top, not her bottom.

  14. Dave says:

    RE: Greasy/shiny/oily head

    I’ve been shaving my head 3 times a week or more for the past 2 years and always got a shiny head very quickly after shaving it. I recently switched to a double edge razor for shaving my face and bought an alum block in case I cut myself. Not only is it great for healing cuts and razor burn but it’s brilliant on a shaved head and stops you getting a shiny head COMPLETELY. Anyone suffering from this problem should buy an alum block – I’m using Bloc Osma. It’s a little on the pricey side and does sting/prickle when you apply it but it will last forever and it stops you getting a shiny head until you shave/shower again. Just rub it over your head, leave it to dry then wipe off the residue. It’s a natural antiseptic, astringent and antiperspirant which explains why it’s so effective. I highly, highly recommend it

  15. Bob W says:

    I use the Mach 3 with Geo F Trumper shave cream. It relathers whenever you get it wet so I’m always lathering before the blade touches my skin. But I also like to get it as smooth as possible. I also change blades pretty regularly because I like the close shave and the extra cost doesn’t bother me too much. I figure it’s still cheaper than haircuts.

  16. CJ says:

    I use electric, Panasonic, a, I the only one?
    No lotion, no cream, no rash no problem.
    I used to use Braun, but it wasn’t as good.
    If I forget the electric when I am traveling I will grab some disposables.

  17. Tom K says:

    I have never found a better shaver then the Xtreme 3 disposables.. All the ones that have been mentioned here are hard to find and/or are way too expensive..

  18. tony kull says:

    This is for John Port,
    There is a head wipe made by baldguyz that might be of help.
    The second point I wish to address is the statement made about the numbers of razor blades. I have used the gillette fusion 5 blade for several years. It has worked for me. I have used the head blade for a time. I still have it but I did not get the kind of results I thought I would get. Remember this is just 2 blades. Again I go back to earlier comments of mine. Get some mineral oil and rubbing alcohol. The space between the blades will get clogged. Guess what? I dip the razor in water and even blow on it. It gets the gunk out. I did a head shave just yesterday. I say IT WORKS. The thing to do is try it. Works for me.
    tony kull

  19. Nathan M says:

    I just wanted to throw a quick thanks to Tony and John for your responses. I really appreciate the advice. Definately will get mineral oil and rubbing alcohol. Then just experiment with the Fusion and Mach3 to see what works best for me. Thanks again guys.

  20. JOHN PORT says:


  21. JOHN PORT says:


  22. tony kull says:

    Nathan my man,
    Re-read what I said in my commented area. I said to get the fusion 5 blade but also get these items:mineral oil and rubbing alcohol. After shaving, dip the razor in mineral oil. Keeps blade from dulling. Next time you need to shave, dip the razor in rubbing alcohol which takes the oil off. Why do you think I got these two things? Razors are expensive. However, make them last.
    tony kull

  23. Nathan M says:

    I just had a question about any thoughts/opinions about using a straight blade or a traditional safety razor. I’m 25 years old and have developed a bald spot on my crown. I use an electric trimmer to keep my head to a stubble as it makes it not nearly as noticable. Recently I was considering purchasing either a straight blade or a traditional safety razor not only to use on my head but face as well and was just wondering if anyone had any input on the topic. Or if it would be a better idea to just use a 3 to 5 blade razor like the mach3 or fusion, or the head blade. Just wondering if anyone has tried to experiment with any traditional blades and what experience they had. It’s just that these newer razors like the gillette fusion can get expensive.

  24. Tom K says:

    I’ve been shaving my head regularly since about 2007, but started doing it on/off since the late ’90s. I do it now at least every other day & would go w/laser if I could afford it, but can’t. I’ve been using Xtreme 3 razors, I’ve tried other disposable brands but nothing is as good as Xtreme 3. I also use Edge Fragrance-Free Shaving Gel. I shave both with & against the grain.

  25. Tim James says:

    I read on your comments page about shaving and I noticed that guys are using shaving creams. I found this great product called Easy Waterless Shave by BodyVerde. It is a shaving lotion that you don’t wash off! I used to shave in the shower and would itch from hair on my body all day, but now I shave afterwards and just wipe my face and go. I don’t shave my head (yet but I keep what little hair I have to a stubble), but when I use the Easy Waterless Shave I put the shaving lotion all over my face and head – I have no blemishes or razor burns. I’m not into men’s skin care products but I have to say this stuff keeps you from drying out and breaking out! I will never shave with anything else again.

  26. Tony says:

    Bear, if someone comes up with a permanent hair removal solution, they would be a billionaire within a year. The only way to permanently lose your hair is with laser treatments, and that is a long painful process. Most of us will be stuck shaving our domes until they come up with that magic potion.
    Shine on!
    Tony Snesko
    Founder, Bald R Us

  27. Pelle says:

    I visited this site for the first time today. I think you´re doing a great job, especially when it comes to helping young guys to understand that the picture of bald men as unattractive is a fraud. It´s a media thing to make money on crap products and crap treatments. Keep up the good work!

    My tip is probably not revolutionary but if you have a mirror inside the shower room it´s much more comfortable to shave your head and it will be done on a daily basis. Question: Anyone who´s got a tip for a good cream that makes your scalp less shiny?

    Greetings from Sweden

  28. Bear says:

    Why is it that I can’t find any details on natural ways that are proven to kill hair follicles? I’m a retired field Medic from the corps of 22 years and have been shaving my head all this time. I’m so sick and tired of it, but don’t want to pay for laser or other expensive treatments. So there has to be a simple way to kill the few hairs I still have left on the sides and back of my head. I don’t see any space on this site for helpful hints or tried ways to accomplish this. I would think this has been done in the past somewhere somehow? Treating your scalp with something maybe lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide, or something else that wont burn the scalp or cause ingrown hairs. That’s what I don’t want to have happen. Nothing worse then an ingrown hair, just want to KILL the dam follicles for ever more. So if there is a site for this information for natural proven ways to get rid of these remaining pest let me know. Thanks Bear…

  29. tony kull says:

    Here is how I shave my head. I have used the Gillette Fusion 5 blade razor for quite some time. I may go back to the HeadBlade but only if there is an update or upgrade. Blades are expensive and here is my solution to that courtesy of a google search on maintaining razors. It involves two relatively inexpensive items. One is mineral oil. Shave as you normally would. Then dip the razor into a container filled with mineral oil. It does not have to be much. Before you shave again, dip the razor into a container of rubbing alcohol. Mineral oil keeps the blades from dulling. The rubbing alcohol takes the oil off. I have had razors LAST OVER A YEAR. Do this experiment and see if I am telling the truth. Go without shaving for a few days and then shave again. You will see I am telling the truth.

  30. Jason says:

    The best results I have had shaving my head, which I have been doing since July 2006, is by using any of the 3 to 5 blade razors (my favorite so far being the Schick Hydro 5) plus hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. Every morning I shave, I wash my scalp and then layer of generous portion of Suave conditioner on and let it set while I finish my shower. I then shave. The combination of the lube strip on the razor and the conditioner gives me the closest, most comfortable shave I have ever had. No more razor burn or nicks and scratches. I have tried numerous other things such as aloe vera gel, creams and even oils but my wifes cheap hair conditioner by far has been the best.

  31. bret says:

    One key to a clean look is a new razor. Yes, they are expensive but then again they are cheaper than a hair cut. If you have a problem, with bumps etc.. any triple blade that is brand new should be good to go. I also just started using Bald Guyz products and no bumps or rashes..

    Good luck and keep me up to date

  32. Bluebris says:

    Wilkinson Sword Extreme III disposable is by far the best i’ve found for shaving my head. And to prolong the blades (for both face and head), i would recommend you try out the Razorpit. I’ve got about 12 shaves so far out of the Wilkinson Sword Extreme III on my head and 22 shaves so far out of a Gillette Fusion on my face. It’ll save me a fortune. Look for it on Google or here:

    (I have no link with razorpit, but it was recommended to me so i’m just sharing the info!)

  33. Eric Goldman says:

    I am the Eric from 2002 that left the transplant horror story on your site. I am so honored that you still use it. I hope it has convinced many not to go that sad route. I hope it inspires many in the future to embrass baldness. it is so much better than the sad comb over I was forced to endore fore 14 years. The really bad scraggly hair with lumps and bumps and thousands of ugly scars I had to endure.
    Being bald is great, even withexposed scars. So much better than the fake pathetic, hanging on to 200 strands look.

  34. Ram says:

    I am amazed that there is even a site for people like us who maintain a clean pate. God was I ignorant.

    I have been shaving my head since August 2000 (yes a ten year anniversary celebration would be worth it). I did this before anyone could realize that I was losing hair by the bunch. Maintaining a clean shaven head did wonders to my confidence. And like everyone else here who has posted, I use the Gilette MAch 3 Turbo, the best that I have had access to so far.

    However, I have a small issue that’s bothering me and am hoping some of the bright ones here can help me with some advice! I still have hair growing at the back of my head like a half moon. I notice after a shave that although the scalp is clean, there is a patch on the scalp that’s exactly where my hair still grows. This does look a bit odd and am wondering if there are ways to get this to disappear. Has anyone had a similar issue, any solutions that you have will be really appreciated.

    Thanks a ton in advance!!!!


  35. Paul says:

    I’m from the UK so I don’t know if the product is available in the US, but the best razor I’ve ever used is the King of Shaves Azor: it’s a lot cheaper than the Gillette razors and gets your head so smooth it squeaks with the last few passes of the razor!

    I also like to use good quality shaving products (I justify the expense by thinking of how much I’m saving on shampoo, haircuts etc). I’ve had the best shaves using an oil base with a layer foam on top. Any type of foam will do but for the oil I recommend Clinique or Clarins (comes across as expensive but lasts 3-4 months as you need so little each time.

    If you really have money to burn, or get some free samples when you buy the above oils, then Clarins has some really nice after shave creams and lotions that leave your head feeling really fresh.

  36. Delroy says:

    Which kind of Nair should I try? Because all the ones I’ve checked warn not to use on the head.

    “Magic Shave” is the only hair removal powder and cream that I know of and it’s made specifically for beards of black men and it’s available in any inner-city drug store usually in the “ethnic” section next to the hair relaxers and skin bleaching products. It will burn if you leave it on your scalp too long and will leave your skin feeling tender for a couple of days. It only takes the hair off at the skin’s surface and is no better than shaving because your hair grows back just as fast. I would suggest that you get your wife or girlfriend to shave it for you. It’s fun for them and can be romantic, especially if you persuade them to rub it with cocoa butter afterward.
    Shine on!
    Bald R Us

    Thanks a lot Tony!
    I have one last question, the “Magic Shave” you said is only for the beards of black men, so using it on my “head” is def out the question right? I was looking for a cream or something to use on my head so, i wouldn’t take that long shaving. I am happy now that I’ve realized that a closer, longer lasting shave is the result of shaving against the grain. I now use the Mach 3 Turbo and the Schick Hydro. I also know to shave with a lot of water instead of gel or cream when going against the grain, that definitely helps a lot. I just want to tell you thank you again for even responding to my question. Take care ok

    Delroy Phillips

    Magic will work on your head, but you can’t leave it on one minute longer than instructed because it will burn. Also, your head will be tender for a day or two. All things considered, there is nothing better than a sharp Mach 3 Turbo.
    God Bless,

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