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This is an absolute must do! Every day, massage in a lotion mixture of aloe vera gel, coconut oil and cocoa butter. I use Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion every day and it keeps my pate soft and clear for my precious wife to lovingly caress. My dermatologist said that every head that is exposed to the sun should be pretreated every morning with spray-on Coppertone Sport 50SPF. The best price I’ve found is at Walmart and it comes in packs of 3.


  1. I use A Mach 3 razor Wilson and have for the past 14 years it works well for me . Every now and then I use a straight razor just to change up and I always use good ole baby oil for that extra shine and it keeps it as soft as A babies bottom . Keep it up Wilson and in A couple of months you will be A pro to.

  2. Jose Rosado says:

    Excelent idea, been looking for some advice on this. I live in the tropics and is very, very sunny and hot. My head feels cooler under the sun know. Thank you

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