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Getting back control

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I just wanted to say to all of the hair wearers out there. Get rid of the fake hair. I wore a hair system for 6 years 24-30 and about 6 months ago I went natural. I tell you it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

I know what it is like to worry if people know you are wearing a piece I know what it is like to be mad at Mother Nature because it is “too’ windy or sunny. I know what it is like to be with a bunch of people at a bar or out watching the game and an HCM commercial appears on TV (and you feel so uncomfortable). I know what it is like to be waiting between new systems because you are hoping that the next one will look better than the one you have on. I know what is like to regret every starting with the fake hair thing and knowing that you have to keep wearing it for the rest of your life even though you really want to take it off and throw it in the trash. I know what it is like to be scared to take the plunge and take the hair off. What will people say? Will they laugh? The answer is, I don’t know. But what I do know is that after the 2 days or so of anxiety that comes from seeing coworkers who had not seen the real me or friends who have never seen the bald me comes a new sense of freedom and pride in yourself that I know you have not felt in a long time.

My advice is to get rid of it… live your life as you. Don’t hide. Be proud…remember you got the fake hair to make yourself feel better about yourself and, if now you feel worse, just get rid of it. Everyday that goes by is one day more of feeling insecure. Get back control of your life. People do not make fun of bald men people make fun of bald men wearing hair or using combovers …be free, be you, be bold, be bald…




  1. willx says:

    I have been wearing a very good hair system for since I was about 20 — I am now 45. I can swim, be in the wind, etc without any problems. Everytime I thing of going natural, I go for a system renewal and then feel fine. I am a very public figure. So, going from hair to smooth is a huge transition. It seems it would be easier and simpler to go naturale but then again my “look” has become somewhat of a trademark of who I am publicly. Looking for advice from anyone how may have been in a similar situation. It would be long process of transition to go naturale… the system I have now works but has to be redone every two weeks and it is a big expense. Any advice or experience would help! Thanks!!!!

  2. brad says:

    just got a small piece on the back crown of my head and hate it. I do not have enough frontal hair and hey tried to do some weak ass comb over. going back Saturday to get rid of it. the problem is the area they shaved area also has transplants in my younger years and they may show. but its better than wearing this thing it was the worst decision I made ever. please if I can talk 1 person out of it sucks! I have been depressed as soon as this was taped on my head.

  3. Duncan says:

    Hi guys, I am new to the site and find some of your stories inspiring. I need some advice and here is my situation. I started losing my hair in patches after high school, so it is not a typical balding pattern. I have been wearing a rug for a long time and the piece pretty much covers my whole head. It looks ok and even my wife says the same. However, it is becoming a burden to me having to take it off, put it on …etc. and it takes a long time to get it right in the morning. Forget swimming, and windy days I try not to stand outside for too long.

    So I am thinking of just going bald. But the way I lost my hair there are patches on my head that still have hair. I tried shaving my head as close to the root as possible but you can still see the black dots where there is hair. Also, the area where the tape attaches the rug to my head is lighter color than the rest of my head.

    My question is, base on my scenario how can I “prepare” to go bald so the first day I go out I would look ok? How can I obtain even color throughout my scalp? How can I shave complete bald so nobody can see the black dots(roots)?



  4. Paul says:

    Hi Guys

    Took my hairpiece off 4 months a go after wearing them for 28 years. Completely shaved now and loving it. Feel fresh and revitalised. People were shocked for all of 30 seconds and then things just went on as normal. I made a few jokes about it to break the ice. I don’t care what people think anymore. If they don’t like me how I look then they have the problem I DON”T. Just wish I had shaved all of those years ago. Anyone going bald reading this just take the plunge and you won’t regret it believe me.


  5. Matt says:

    Hi Guys,

    I started balding around 17/18. I only started to really notice it once I was about 19 and i would get comments from friends such as “dude, whats going on with your hair?”. I became very self concious and would either spend hours in the bathroom trying to exact the perfect comb forward or don a hat every time i left the front door of my house. I started clipping my hair (number 2 grade) in my early 20′s and then finally decided to shave with a razor about 12 months ago (at the age of 25). I still leave a bit on top (no 1 or 2 grade) just to give my head a more aesthetic look however the time will soon come when that is no longer an option. To be perfectly honest i still prefer to wear a hat when im out, partly because hats suit me but also because a bald head does attract attention and im very introverted and shy and would rather wear a hat and attract little to no attention at all. As far as the women go i’ve had mixed responses, most people say that im a good looking and handsome guy and tend to compliment me on my smile or my eyes so my baldness doesnt tend to rate a mention which is a good thing. I just encourage you all to express yourself in the most authentic and genuine way possible, that might mean shaving your head or maintaining whatever hair you have left, just be true to yourself and the true expression of your identity.



  6. oscar says:

    Hello everyone,
    It is a pleasure to read all the comments, concern and suggestions of so many people who
    have suffered for so many years trying to fit in and stay in denial. Like many people, I too started
    loosing hair at an early age and tried to hide it by a composer for six years, but little did I realize
    that everything in my life was designed and programmed to accommodate the comb
    The comb over was controlling my life. The people I met, the places I went to, the played.
    I became an introvert almost into depression. There was not a single minute of my day when I did not
    worry about the fake crop of hair on my head. Then I got fed up one day and I shaved my head.
    The feeling was immense. I was in control of my life again. And I have never looked back again.
    I feel the pain and anxiety of people who go through this every second of their life. Esp people who go through this at early age. I would just say, shave it off, live your life, you are young only once. Don’t waste it over the fake crop of worthless hair.

  7. Tony says:

    We’ve all been where you are and many of us have slathered our heads with those magic potions trying to retain it. They don’t work. At best, some of them grow peach fuzz and you have to apply it often and pay a lot of money, but it doesn’t grow real hair and there is a very real probability that it will negatively affect your sex life. And forget about hair transplants and wigs. If you read all of the comments on this site you will find that they don’t work and with the money you spend on those procedures, you could by a Porsche. if you are afraid to shave it, buzz it short for a while and get used to the look, then take it all off and enjoy true freedom. You just need to stop wishing that it won’t fall out, accept it and get on with your life.
    Welcome to the club!
    Founder, Bald R Us

  8. Colin says:

    I am 20 years old and baldness has taken over my life. I recently dropped out of school with baldness being one of the main factors. I don’t want to leave my house or meet anyone new because of this. I used to have long blonde hair that all the girls loved and gave me my confidence but now it is falling out and only getting worse. I have a fear of no one accepting me and people making fun of me behind my back. I want to shave my head but know I will get laughs and my confidence will get even lower )if thats possible) baldness has ruined my life and i feel i will never get it back.

    someone help

  9. prateek saraswat says:

    I m really thankful to baldrus.com. today i shunned my cap & went to the office without wearing cap ,after 4 years. & believe i feel so good,confident now that i really dont care about any one.with my baseball cap gone are the worries & anxiety. thanku for running this site

  10. Paul says:

    Hey Guys, Great Site

    Started thinning on top at around 18/19, some people were saying it to me but i never took any notice of it, didn’t really start to properly freak until i was around 21, and boy did i freak, my 60 year old dad has a head full of hair, his dad died in his 70′s with a full head of hair, why was this happening to me, my life is over, i can never do anything ever again etc etc, so after about two days of freaking, i shaved my head to a grade 2, loved it, actually suited me better than having loads of hair, I’ve never even considered a piece or a transplant, it’s just not for me, I’m turning 26 shortly and my only problem is i have become a slave to regaine over the past 4 years, i’ve always kept my buzzed very short but have used it to try and stave off the bald spot, recently ive started realising than i can’t keep doing it forever as it’s started to lose it’s effectiveness, and i’m ok with it, i’m better than ok with it, if you keep trying to fight it or cover it up, then hair loss is a problem, if you accept it and embrace it it’s not a problem, have you ever seen a guy walking around with a proud bald head and thought, “God, he could use a good comb-over”, it got me thinking, back when i was 17/18, i use to play football, there was this guy on our team who was a few years older than me, maybe around 21/22, everytime girls would show up to practice they would be all over him, he was totally bald, but he was in good shape and confident, but what intrested me thinking back on this is that, back then the fact that he was bald never came into it, i never thought, “wow, he can have women all over him even though he’s bald”, i never thought about his hair or lack thereof, i thought, i wish i could be like that, and this is when i had a full mane, the only people who think about hairloss and look at yours are other people who have hairloss, that its, walk proud my follically-challenged brethren

  11. Chako says:

    I’ll keep it short, as I don’t have the measure of horror stories as some of you. I spent $400 on a snake oil called Kevis when I was in my early thirties. It was just too smelly, and I knew deep down it was a snake oil, I just hoped for some kind of miracle. I ended up throwing it out, and working with combover style hair for another few years.

    Eventually I had no choice: if I wanted to keep my hair, it would be in the form of a bozo ring, with a patch on the forhead, and some strands combed over. Having read some of these other stories, I thank God I didn’t do a transplant.

    About the time my (now ex) wife was leaving me, I shaved my head.

    Gentlmen, if you have any doubts or reservations, cast them aside. Women don’t mind a bald head, and some of them love it. Your stock won’t go down at all.

    It’s pretty cool to stumble on a site like this, just wish I’d found it ten years ago.

  12. Sam C Baldy Big Head says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m a 32 year old . Four years ago I took the step to shave off my hair on Christmas day.

    I used to comb it over, and obsess with my hair. I often grew very depressed, wishing for some new treatment, or for surgery to be rid of my receding hair line.

    I often felt down. I was also very paranoid that people were looking at my hair as I used to comb it over -centre part to cover the receding temples… when the wind blew I was in big trouble.
    I never went out to bars or clubs, was extremely shy with girls and always wore a hat out of the house for the majority of my 20′s. My cap was my best friend… it was also my worst enemy. I was chained to it like a chastity belt… I hated it.

    I can remember the times where I feared walking out of buildings or drafty areas without my cap. All I wanted was to be able to walk free without my comb over from messing up, which was next to impossible. I would rush to the toilet upon entry within an indoor environment to check on my hair… it was ridiculous… everyday for almost 6 years.

    The day finally came when I bit the bullet. I had ENOUGH! I went to my friends house and he shaved off all my hair.
    It was a number 2 and there was still residual hair…. I couldn’t believe how i looked. I was shocked. The weekend came and i decided to shave off all my hair with a razor, which I did.
    It took some getting used to, but with time and regularity, people and you get used to it…

    For the past 4 years, I have been nothing but Social and Confident. Comfortable and Grateful for the freedom that I have. Shaving my head was like the shackles had finally been removed.
    I have been dating women, many of of my friends have commented how much better i look with a shaved head, I’ve even got a bit of a tan on top, which looks very good…
    I have found that I wear attractive clothes and work out. I am a lot more healthy, mentally and physically, outgoing and confident. I have not lost my compassion for others though. That is something that I will never lose.

    I highly recommend shaving your head, to allow yourself to be free.
    God Bless you All.

  13. j s baldy says:


  14. Ted says:

    Excellent story. I also second the author. You will NOT regret getting rid of this thing. What do you get in return? Confidence, your self estee and freedom.

  15. Larry says:

    I have just sent my letter to Hair Club that I will be cancelling my membership. After 10 years I will be free of this system. It is funny that I found Hair Club on the internet and some what blamed the internet for my mistake. But now the internet has brought me to Bald RUs and has helped me take the Rug off.


  16. Edward Bergonzi says:

    I started losing my hair in high school. I think I was 15 when I noticed it. Talk about traumatic! I couldn’t discuss it with anyone. That was long ago. Now … I wouldn’t have it any other way. By the way, I like the “horseshoe”. It’s getting white … very professorial. I’m a biology teacher in an inner city high school (Detroit). The kids can gaze upon it as long as they want. They know I’m impervious to their jibes about my bald head, and they don’t quite know what to make of that. I’ll be 65 in October, and have never wore a piece. I stopped combing it over when I was 23 … also the last time I paid for a haircut.

  17. Blanton says:

    I have always had a buzzcut since highschool but started to see my hairline run away from my forehead at 19. I grew my hair out to try to cover it up and it worked for a little while, but it is starting to look pretty bad. I am a senior in college and have seen my confidence go from extremely high as a freshman to awkward and shy around girls unless I am wearing a hat. I have considered shaving my head for the past couple of years, but have never found the courage. I was actually online looking at different options for hairloss solutions when I ran across this site. I just want to thank the creator of the site and all the participants. I think I have read almost every comment and I must say that it has made me feel alot better about my situation. I’m going to join the bald club this weekend and am actually starting to get excited about it. Thanks again…

  18. JOHN PORT says:


  19. Elias Alexander says:

    Firstly I must say that this website is great especially for the young dudes who are concerned about their hair loss. I am 27 this year and I have been clean shaven now for a few months, (clean shaven as in razors and shaving cream).Before it was just a number 1 cut at the hairdressers. But the hair loss thing started when I was 21- killed me, didn’t even have enough confidence to go to uni classes anymore and dropped out. (but I did return when i was 25)

    So in saying that i think that it does take some time to get over it and eventually accept it. Sometimes i am down about it but i like to get on the internet and yahoo or youtube ‘famous bald dudes’ for inspiration, and the list is impressive- Kelly Slater, Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi etc. But I find some comfort in the idea that it is becoming fashionable because of people like this, chicks (especially older chicks) dig it and accepting something like this and in turn embracing it is not only a relieving feeling but a proud one too. People who go to advanced hair, get wigs etc are a let down to themselves and the bald race. I say get up in the morning and say to yourself when you look in the mirror ‘ I make this look good “.

  20. Graeme says:

    I agree totally with Jim. I too went through the hairpiece saga with Advanced Hair Studious!
    Bloody expensive waste of money and yes I also felt totally self conscious every time I was out in public, wondering if someone would spot the wig!
    About ten years ago I got rid of it and then gradually got shorter and shorter until finally four years ago, went the full shave! I love my bald pate now and there is no more worry about wigs floating away when you go swimming or getting sweaty and itchy under the fake hair! I find now when I am out in public that I can usually spot the bloke wearing the wig from a mile off and I wish I could say to him go free mate and get rid of it!
    So my advice is if you are loosing it big time, shave it off and be proud of your baldness.

  21. JOHN PORT says:

    For Mr. Michael Rush…I do understand what you are going thru…I started losing my hair when I was starting College and believe me, it really affected my self confidence, I didn’t even wanted to go outside my house without a cap/hat, anyways… long story short and to try to help you…when I decided to finally shave my head, it did look good (and even better with a nicely done beard cut!!) but I still felt unsecure when meeting new people and when my old friend see my new “look”, I would think “what are they going to think about my bald head?”…that was stupid! You just have to me mature enough to realize that a bald guy is what you are… and if somebody doesn’t like it is their problem! Do not feel bad if somebody tells you that you’re bald! Isn’t that the true?! Just relax and enjoy your life…stop thinking about what other people think!…mmm I don’t know if I made my point but there is my advise anyways.

  22. Michael Rush says:

    Time to be me!
    I have just removed my hairpeice that I wore for 21 years, 3 days ago. I hated the rug and all its associated problems but it was a security blanket that I felt held me hostage. I shaved my head and felt very anxious about seeing peolple, which was thereason I held on so long. I still feel anxious and stressed and I am not used to yet. I know I would of felt better leaving it on but I wanted to take the plunge so I can get my full confidence back. I think it looks ok but I am still anxious about seeing people for the first time. Can anybody give me some advice or have had a similar story and tell me how you coped with the first stages of going from hair to no hair in a short time. Thanks Mick

  23. valerielovesherhair says:

    I say to all you lucky guys, shave it off. Its actually a pretty sexy look and girls like it more than what you would think. Besides, you shouldn’t let hair be your identity. My very beautiful niece’s husband is balding and she just hates it when he lets his hair grow out, she would never critisize him for it; but he knows she just loves his bald hair. Give it a try, I think you may be surprised!

  24. Graeme says:

    Yep, I can relate to all the men who went through the fake period. I had a rug for about five years and hated it! I was afraid to go swimming or engage in any strenuous activities in case the tape let go and the rug shifted!

    I felt self conscience and always worried that others could tell the hair was fake. My Wife was angry that I had wasted dollars of our hard earned in purchasing the rugs!

    Finally about ten years ago I shed the rug and went ultra short, then about four years ago took the plunge with the total shave! I will never go back and actually like the freedom a bald pate now gives me. I am also surprised about how many other men say they are envious and would shave if they didn’t have a good head of hair.

    So all of those balding, thin cover blokes out there, take my advice and just shave your head bald! You will not regret it!

  25. Helena de carlo says:

    Please advise me on how to persuade my boyfriend to give up his hair piece. I can not stand it. I find bald men sexy. I have told him this. He probably thinks I’m saying this just to persuade him. Please give me some advice. Wigs are unnatural and anti aesthetic. I care about him and want him to feel free of the burden of wearing a wig. I am embarrassed to have my friends meet him and realize he lacks the confidence to be himself.

  26. Rick says:

    I’m so embarrassed. I’m young, but have worn a piece for about 6-7 years. Only for the second time, just this past weekend, a young girl started making fun of my bangs. Then she started telling me my hair was fake, and she touched the front of it. I told her I just had a lot of hairspray on it, which honestly did make it feel less real, I think, and I kept saying it’s not fake! I don’t really care what she thought, but she was saying next to a younger friend of mine. How embarrassing. I’m really emotionally disturbed by this!

    Of course, once you go to a piece, they shave your head each time, so it’s not like I could easily go back to my natural, somewhat balding self.

  27. Ray Weaver says:

    I’m glad to see you back. The title of this sections says it all, “Getting Back Control”. Shaving my head a few years ago did just that for me. I can’t advise it strongly enough. The feel, the look, and especailly the confidence level is worth the risk. I advise any balding guy, particularly the young guys, to go for it. You will know you did the right thing.

  28. Jordan Taylor says:

    I gave up, and couldn’t be happier

    I used to have a full glowing head of hair and then I started seeing the first signs of balding by the time I was about 25 (and I was lucky, my brother was billiard bald by 19) without any money (so to speak) haircuts were few and far between.

    By the time I met my wife and moved to Madison WI, it was so advanced that I was keeping my hair incredibly short anyway, in a short roman crew cut that I swept forward. Then I realized that I was spending about 35 dollars every 2 weeks to keep… nothing. I bought a set of Wahl clippers and started cutting my own hair.

    Recently, my scalp started looking more and more uneven as it keeps refusing to grow more hair, so I started blade shaving. I use Schick Slim Twin razors and Edge shaving cream. I also condition the dome with my wife’s cholesterol treatment (black hair care products are the BEST). I’m still getting used to wearing hats full time to prevent scalp burn.

    I had decided a long time ago that products and services to hide, cover, grow or replace what is, after all, a very natural process only lead to a lifetime of money, time and effort spent on something that cannot be stopped. I developed my BS detector for this sort of thing by the time I was in High School.

    But keeping the dome clean is the best decision I ever made.

  29. Robert says:

    I started going bald at an early age and I had my hair short at the time, then I started to grow my hair out. Why oh why didn’t I just shave it! After it became hard to hide I wore hats and suited them thankfully. I was at university at the time so girls were a big part of my life and the thought of being bald and ‘unwanted’ made me upset inside. I had great success with the hats but i couldn’t were a hat 24/7. Then finally after 6 years in denial I shaved my head and loved it from the first second. No combover fuss and best of all my friends think its great, no jokes at my expensive plus girls are NOT put off by it overall.My confidence has rose even more and I don’t have to check my hair in the bathroom every 30 mins. Best decision of my life to be bald and proud!

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