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A Cleared Conscience

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Dear Tony,

I just shaved my head Friday and I gotta tell ya it feels GREAT!! On top of that I unloaded my conscience and told my wife about being a hair club member (make that ex-member). She said she knew all along but she kept quiet so as not to embarrass me. Oh well I at least have a cleared conscience now and a cool head. Thanks for the advice.

A fellow bald guy,


Shaved your head?  Thinking about it?  Let us know!  We may post your story here.


  1. bald_man says:

    Not to minimize your observations and concerns cause I know it isn’t easy, but read “Getting Back Control”, March 4, 2011.
    Mr. Alexander’s last sentence regarding acceptance is great advice and, if nothing else, a great place to start.

    Best wishes.

  2. I started losing my hair at 17..To mfriends e. I was embarraced and my friends were saying things…like ” old man”…..I couldn’t believ e this was happening to me I had girlfriends and played football, popular, but it all seemed to change…I dropped out of school my senior year…..dumb idea! Anyway I wear caps where ever I go….Even though just two years ago I did finally shave my head! It was different, but also kinda a relief! I lost all of my confidence, and so much of myself! Its truly like thy Sampson and Delilah!!!! Its been 5 years now ….since high school, and two years since I fully shaved my head. I can’t get a girlfriend, and im a goodlooking. guy……I’ve always been told this!!! I see other guys with shaved heads that look great and have women! I still can’t get a relationship…and I’ve Always had a girlfriend! I really don’t know how to deal with this……I need my confidence back, how it use to be….I think would help……………….Any ideas or similar situations as mine?????…My life is really sucking ……I know there are woman who date and like the shaved head look!!! I am only 24!

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